Pizza Hut Is Releasing A Playable DJ Pizza Box 


It’s 2016 and everyone’s a DJ, but not everyone can afford an expensive rig. If you don’t mind getting a little grease on your flat-broke digits, then Pizza Huthas you covered. The chain just announced a playable turntable pizza box that will allow customers to scratch on a budget.

In a new promotional video from Pizza Hut, DJ Vectra shows how the box allows users to rewind, control pitch, crossfade and scratch after they connect the cardboard box to their phone or computer via Bluetooth. ForgetElon Musk, that’s the most futuristic thing I’ve ever typed.

Pizza Hut enlisted the help of printed electronics company Novalia to make sure the gimmick goes off without a hitch. Unfortunately, most of you probably won’t be able to see if it actually works. The box will only be available in the UK and even then only at five of 350 locations. Pizza Hut has yet to announce which stores will offer the box.

It’s far from the first gimmick that the pizza chain has rolled out this year. Franchises in New Zealand have been offering tater-tot crust pizzas for a minute, and an English outpost tested out beer-flavored crust earlier this year. And while trolling Kanye West isn’t an actual thing you can stuff in your mouth and taste, it’s still pretty sweet.